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Mead With Strawberry

Type:  Melomel

Description: Mead with Strawberry is a semi-sweet, slightly tart, lightly bubbly delight. Enjoy the taste of summer all year round. Made with orange blossom honey.

13% alc. by vol.

Pairs with: Hard Cheese, BLT's, wedding cake, and Valentines Day (get your bottles now before they all get drank!)

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\"Merica\" Blueberry Hibiscus Mead


" 'Merica "


Type: Melomel

Description: A floral mead that celebrates the red white and blue with hibiscus, orange blossom honey, and a bit of blueberry.

Pairs with: Hamburgers, fried chicken, and home-made vanilla ice cream.

ABV: 13%

Where to Drink It: As you watch over your backyard domain, meat and veggies sizzling on the grill, enjoying the sounds and smells of summer, family, and freedom.

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Traditional Mead from Drinking Horn Meadery

Traditional Mead

Traditional or Show Mead

Description: Made with just honey, yeast, and water.  We use orange blossom honey from Mountain Top Honey.  This mead is often describe as being similar to a chardonnay.  It is dry and smooth while still retaining strong notes from the honey.  Bottled February 2017. Serve at your own preferred temperature.

Pairs with: Spicy sausage, spicy curry

Where to drink it:
Sitting upon your throne at the end of a long table, you look out across the family and friends that have helped to get you where you are today.  These are your people, and you are their king.  You raise your glass to them! Skol!

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Mead with Black Cherry

Type: Melomel

Description:  We start with our traditional process then add Organic Black Cherry juice, cold filter and age for six months before bottling.  This mead rides a fine line between sweet and dry. Bottled January 2017.

13% ABV.  Serve at your own preferred temperature.

Pairs with:
Hard cheese, smoked pork, and chocolate.

Where to drink it: As you sit in your camp and watch the perpetual grayness of life in the far north you take solace in knowing that at least you have mead with black cherry to keep you warm

Pineapple Mead from Drinking Horn Meadery

Mead with Pineapple


Description: A mead with tropical inspiration!  A lightly sweet pineapple delight.

13% ABV. Serve slightly chilled.

Pairs with: Sushi and Teriyaki, and of course, bacon!

Where to drink it:  While bandaging your wounds you enjoy the fruits from your tropical raid.  Literally.  You sailed all the way to the tropics only to find a deserted island. Luckily there were plenty of pineapples so you don’t go home empty handed!

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Carbonated Mead with Pomegranate

Type: Sparkling Melomel

Description: A bubbly very dry mead with pomegranate.  It’s light, bubbly, and a great drink for the summertime heat.  Since this mead is bubbly we recommend serving this delight as cold as you can get it.

Pairs with: Brunch! Why would anyone eat anything beside breakfast?

Where to drink it: Historically carbonated alcohols were only for the rich (presence of this can still be seen in how wine is federally taxed, carbonated “wines” bring a much higher tax rate per gallon).  So one should imagine themselves sipping this from tall fluted glasses as your minions bustle about, ensuring that your every comfort is attended to.

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